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Our window tinting film includes:

•  Security film

•  Safety film

•  Frosted film

•  Decorative film

•  Privacy film

•  Non mirrored film

•  Colour patterns and more



Our tinting services provide:

•  Fade reduction

•  Glare reduction

•  Heat reduction

•  UV blockout


•  No waiting time

•  Fast no obligation quotes

•  Free brochure and film samples

•  Super fast service

•  No job too small

residential window tint frankston

Why tinting windows in your home or office is a great idea


Reduction in your utility bills. You could save up to 40 percent on your utility bill by adding tinting
tow your windows. This results from a reduction in heat transfer into the home in summer time with
less use of central air and fans, and out of the home in winter time. That means a savings that over

time will be cheaper than window replacement.


Return on investment. Those savings in your utility bills amount to an excellent return
on investment.


Protect your interior fabrics. Window tinting works to block the UV light that enters your
home, with estimates that 99% of US rays are blocked. The UV rays are what damage
your furniture by fading colors.


Clear windows. The latest window tinting technology is no longer a literal fix: your windows don’t have to be dark, or look reflective, in order to block UV rays and give you the benefits. You will maintain your clear windows and your views.


Reduced heat in your home. Window tinting can reduce the heat of the sun in your home, too. So when you are sitting by a window the window tinting will block 55 percent of the heat coming into your home making you feel more comfortable in your home.


Added security. Residential window tinting, which goes on a like a film, can protect you and your family when accidents happen a window breaks. The tinting prevents the window from shattering, and keeps those small pieces of glass from hiding on the floor causing injury later.


Utility company rebates. Many utility companies, like those in the state of California, offer rebates to customers who add use window tinting.


Good deal when buying new windows. If you budget is super tight, the combination of a less expensive window and window tinting can give you the efficiency of some levels of triple-paned windows.


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